The Homeless Gospel Choir is the Woody Guthrie of the post-hope / pre-apocalypse world that we live in today. He’s personally charged to tear down greed, privilege, and complacency, and is armed with hard truths, humor, and a world view that every human could benefit from listening to. “I Used To Be So Young” is his opus. It takes an extremely personal look at what it’s like to wake up in your thirties and be staring down the barrel of adulthood without any desire to participate in it. The record makes observations on everything from the “preppers” movement and the fear that our TVs feed us every day (Armageddon), to our consumer greed (Black Friday), and the real effects of what has happened to a generation that marched into an endless war on terrorism (When The War Is Over.) He also shares with us some heavy self-analysis on growing up, and what makes a life a good one (Slow Down the Time,) as well as the importance of casting off the chains of materialism that our society has shackled to us (Capitalismo.) Produced by Chris#2 of Anti-Flag, “I Used To Be So Young” is an important record, both sonically and ideologically, for anyone who cares about where the human race is headed.

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