Dollar Signs was an accident - a project that came from the unlikely collaboration of five anxious weirdos. This mecha-robot of sadness is ready to turn your living room into a dirty nightclub. To the untrained eye, Dollar Signs looks less like a band and more like five people who can help you fix your computer - but fret not - as they pack big guitars and even bigger hooks in their toolbox. Erik Button sings desperately for a break in this weary world, like a younger and drunker Tom Waits from the suburbs, whose intensity can only be matched and at times doubled by his faithful bass player and partner in crime, Dylan Wachman. The melodies are made possible by drummer Arion Chamberlain, boldly bashing his way through these desperate times. The band is rounded out with their master craftsman, Luke Gunn, known for playing every instrument known to humanity, even those that haven’t been discovered yet - and finally we can’t forget our hype monster on guitar, Tommy McPhail. Punk rock is not for the faint of heart, we know this, but what if we don’t care? Dollar Signs is the millennial-operated gig economy’s response to the forty hour work week; a hard-pass to the American Dream. The plane will crash someday, and when it does, we will be chugging all of the mini-bottles we can find. Fuck you.

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