A-F RECORDS AT FEST 16! -- PART 2 06 Oct 2017

Week 2 of our ongoing FEST updates is here, and this week we're introducing you to THE PENSKE FILE & SWISS ARMY!

THE PENSKE FILE is bringing a sense of nostalgia to FEST with songs that make you feel like you're locked inside your high school bedroom with walls covered in pages from punk magazines, and a journal full of scribbled lyrics - some your own, some by your other favorite bands! Regardless, by the time TPF hits the stage at FEST, you'll be ready to wrap your arms around your friends and sing as loud as you can to the rooftops until your lungs bleed!

Shows (Subject To Change):
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at Palomino - 9:50pm -- FEST 16

New to the scene, SWISS ARMY is coming in hot this year with shows at PRE-FEST AND FEST! Brandon Lehman's shreddy Bayside-esque guitar licks are going to make you either want to pick up a guitar, or hate yourself for not sticking with lessons when you were young! I'm not projecting, you are!

Shows (Subject To Change):
WEDNESDAY (10/25/17) at The Dirty Shame - 10:10pm -- PRE-FEST
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at Loosey's - 7:10pm -- FEST 16