A-F RECORDS AT FEST 16! -- PART 3 13 Oct 2017

Week 3 of our FEST updates is here! We're getting so close to soaking up all the Florida sun that we can taste it! Coming in hot this week, COFFEE PROJECT and WORLD'S SCARIEST POLICE CHASES!

Boasting songs about heartache, alcohol, and anxiety, Jake Crown (Rehasher) and Buddy Schaub's (Less Than Jake) COFFEE PROJECT hail straight out of Gainesville! Since 2007, the duo have birthed catchy acoustic melodies accompanied by Buddy's mighty trombone, and most recently released their EP 'Wasted Love' here on A-F! COFFEE PROJECT is just the pick-me-up you'll need between dancing in the mosh pit and filling up on Boca tacos!

Shows (Subject To Change):
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at C.M.C. - 7:30pm -- FEST 16

What can't be said about WORLD'S SCARIEST POLICE CHASES other than that they're going to leave a trail of smashed PBR cans in their wake before even getting to Florida! Once dubbed "the Wu Tang Clan of punk rock" by party king, Andrew W.K., WSPC have a history of turning Fest shows into unpredictable beer-soaked mayhem. You're not going to want to miss this.

Shows (Subject To Change):
THURSDAY (10/26/17) at The Dirty Shame - 10:00pm -- PRE-FEST
FRIDAY (10/27/17) at High Dive - 10:00pm -- FEST 16

Don't forget to check out our ongoing FEST playlist on Spotify featuring all of our bands performing in Florida and more!