The day has finally arrived! The new full-length A-F debut by SPANISH LOVE SONGS, 'Schmaltz' is here!

Praises for the new blisteringly honest album by Spanish Love Songs have been extremely positive, and we're excited to finally be able to deliver it to the rest of the world!

"Schmaltz will almost certainly find its way into the hearts of many Punknews readers. I haven't been able to turn it off yet." -Punknews.org -- 4/5

"I defy you not to find yourself listening to the whole thing once you’ve dropped the needle or hit play." -The Punk Site

"Spanish Love Songs have created a painfully relatable and cathartic release." -The Prelude Press

"If all is right with the world, ‘Schmaltz’ should be seen as the punk record of 2018. It’s an unbelievable heartfelt and addictive album, one that grows with every listen. 5/5" -Already Heard

'Schmaltz' is available to order here at A-F Records, and through Uncle M Music for our European friends! Order your limited edition half & half blue/white vinyl HERE:

'Schmaltz' is also available to stream in full across all digital platforms including SPOTIFY, APPLE MUSIC, & BANDCAMP! Be sure to check in with Spanish Love Songs today and congratulate them on their Release Day, and let them know what you think of 'Schmaltz'!

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-Welcome to the family, Spanish Love Songs!-