We are incredibly excited to announce ANTIFEST! -- A 20 year celebration of A-F Records!

20 years ago, we might've never expected to see our label grow to what it is today, and we have all of you to thank! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than to throw a 2-day festival in the heart of Pittsburgh featuring over a DOZEN A-F bands past and present! Just check out this bill designed by the almighty Horsebites!

Not only will ANTIFEST blow the roof off both The Funhouse and Mr. Roboto Project respectively, it will benefit local Pittsburgh charities THE PERSAD CENTER and P.A.A.R. (Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.)

There are only 150 tickets available to both nights so act fast to claim your own!

NIGHT 1 - 11/24 - The Funhouse at Mr. Smalls - Doors @ 7:00pm - ALL AGES

Tabula Rasa (Reunion) / Edhochuli / World's Scariest Police Chases / Ma Jolie / The Penske File / Day Jobs / Swiss Army / Nightmarathons

NIGHT 2 - 11/25 - The Mr. Roboto Project - Doors @ 4:00pm - ALL AGES

SECRET HEADLINER / The Code (Reunion) / Endless Mike and The Beagle Club / Soul Glo / Lawn Care / Mace Ballard / A Lovely Crisis

Thank you all for your continued support, and we'll see you at ANTIFEST!


In case you missed it, we signed SPANISH LOVE SONGS from Los Angeles! This week, they come to you with a brand new music video for their song "BUFFALO BUFFALO" from their recent EP of the same name! Big things are coming from SLS, and we're excited to bring them to you in the coming months!

Check out the "BUFFALO BUFFALO" video below:

Get connected with SPANISH LOVE SONGS:

Listen to the 'BUFFALO BUFFALO' EP:

A-F RECORDS AT FEST 16! -- PART 3 Posted 13 Oct 2017

Week 3 of our FEST updates is here! We're getting so close to soaking up all the Florida sun that we can taste it! Coming in hot this week, COFFEE PROJECT and WORLD'S SCARIEST POLICE CHASES!

Boasting songs about heartache, alcohol, and anxiety, Jake Crown (Rehasher) and Buddy Schaub's (Less Than Jake) COFFEE PROJECT hail straight out of Gainesville! Since 2007, the duo have birthed catchy acoustic melodies accompanied by Buddy's mighty trombone, and most recently released their EP 'Wasted Love' here on A-F! COFFEE PROJECT is just the pick-me-up you'll need between dancing in the mosh pit and filling up on Boca tacos!

Shows (Subject To Change):
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at C.M.C. - 7:30pm -- FEST 16

What can't be said about WORLD'S SCARIEST POLICE CHASES other than that they're going to leave a trail of smashed PBR cans in their wake before even getting to Florida! Once dubbed "the Wu Tang Clan of punk rock" by party king, Andrew W.K., WSPC have a history of turning Fest shows into unpredictable beer-soaked mayhem. You're not going to want to miss this.

Shows (Subject To Change):
THURSDAY (10/26/17) at The Dirty Shame - 10:00pm -- PRE-FEST
FRIDAY (10/27/17) at High Dive - 10:00pm -- FEST 16

Don't forget to check out our ongoing FEST playlist on Spotify featuring all of our bands performing in Florida and more!


SPANISH LOVE SONGS is a 5-piece punk band from Los Angeles, CA. Their sound combines the energy of drunken bar shows and the intimacy of passionate, lived-in lyrics. They are currently prepping for the release of their second album on A-F Records (US) & Uncle M (UK/EU). The band has spent the past two years expanding their sound both musically and lyrically. More anthemic than ever, the band confidently tears through these songs in which Dylan Slocum turns his attention inward, trying to find positivity and self-acceptance in a world that doesn’t always feel like home.

We are also excited to announce that A-F Records has partnered with Uncle M Music to release Buffalo Buffalo, a new EP from SPANISH LOVE SONGS. Buffalo Buffalo is OUT NOW everywhere digital music is available. Buffalo Buffalo serves as a teaser for the bands upcoming full length LP, Schmaltz, due out Spring 2018 on A-F Records & Uncle M Music.

Dylan Slocum, SPANISH LOVE SONGS' singer, had this to say for the Buffalo Buffalo EP:

"The songs on Buffalo Buffalo give a quick glimpse of where we've been for the past few years -- falling in love while it feels like the world's imploding, getting too old to be young dudes in a band, and trying real hard to stay positive. They're also a glimpse of what's to come, and we hope people love them as much as we do." - Dylan

Stream Buffalo Buffalo here!

1. Buffalo Buffalo
2. The Boy Considers His Haircut
3. Hot Faucet Cold Faucet


10/13 - Cafe Colonial - Sacramento, CA
10/16 - The Kraken - Seattle, WA
10/17 - The Twilight Bar - Portland, OR
10/18 - Complex - Oakland, CA
10/19 - Programme Skate & Sound - Fullerton, CA
10/20 - Evol Pie - Las Vegas, NV
10/21 - Petie's Place - Los Angeles, CA
10/22 - The Tower Bar - San Diego, CA
10/25 - PRE-FEST - Tampa,FL
10/27 - THE FEST - Gainesville, FL

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpanishLoveSongs
Twitter: @SpanishLuvSongs
Instagram: @spanishlovesongs

A-F RECORDS AT FEST 16! -- PART 2 Posted 06 Oct 2017

Week 2 of our ongoing FEST updates is here, and this week we're introducing you to THE PENSKE FILE & SWISS ARMY!

THE PENSKE FILE is bringing a sense of nostalgia to FEST with songs that make you feel like you're locked inside your high school bedroom with walls covered in pages from punk magazines, and a journal full of scribbled lyrics - some your own, some by your other favorite bands! Regardless, by the time TPF hits the stage at FEST, you'll be ready to wrap your arms around your friends and sing as loud as you can to the rooftops until your lungs bleed!

Shows (Subject To Change):
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at Palomino - 9:50pm -- FEST 16

New to the scene, SWISS ARMY is coming in hot this year with shows at PRE-FEST AND FEST! Brandon Lehman's shreddy Bayside-esque guitar licks are going to make you either want to pick up a guitar, or hate yourself for not sticking with lessons when you were young! I'm not projecting, you are!

Shows (Subject To Change):
WEDNESDAY (10/25/17) at The Dirty Shame - 10:10pm -- PRE-FEST
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at Loosey's - 7:10pm -- FEST 16


With the rapidly approaching release of 'AMERICAN FALL', there's been no shortage of anticipation for ANTI-FLAG's latest album! Two more songs have hit the airwaves, with lyric videos to accompany both of them! Check out "RACISTS" and "THE CRIMINALS" below! Also be sure to stay tuned for a special incoming pre-order concerning 'AMERICAN FALL' and A-F RECORDS!

Anti-Flag - Racists

Anti-Flag - The Criminals


This week we are excited to welcome MIKE FRAZIER as the newest addition to the A-F roster! Mike is a singer-songwriter from Winchester, VA, and he's bringing a taste of Shenandoah Valley Americana to A-F Records!

You can find Mike ON TOUR through November following his appearance at FEST! (More to come on that in the coming weeks!)

His A-F debut, 'ELEGY' is available for pre-order now! You can order your copy HERE. Until then, you can hear the lead single, "San Francisco" below via Bandcamp!

-Welcome to the family, Mike!-

WE ❤️ TO FEST -- SPOTIFY PLAYLIST Posted 29 Sep 2017

As part of our ongoing FEST 16 updates, we asked our bands playing this year to curate a playlist containing not only their own songs, but songs from bands that THEY are excited to see this year!

NIGHTMARATHONS & EARLY RISER have contributed this week! (09/29/17)

FOLLOW the playlist for weekly updates from our other bands leading up until FEST!

A-F RECORDS AT FEST 16! -- PART 1 Posted 29 Sep 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year when we all make the great migration south to the heart of Florida for FEST 16! and this year we are bringing lots of great artists and new music to the party!

Over the coming weeks leading up to FEST, we'll be highlighting our bands that will be there, giving some insight for anyone unfamiliar with them, and even offering special promos throughout our media outlets!

So for our inaugural "FEST FRIDAY" we'd like to introduce you to: NIGHTMARATHONS & EARLY RISER!

NIGHTMARATHONS, from the heart of Pittsburgh, will be making their first appearance at both PRE-FEST & FEST 16! Fans of the likes of Hot Water Music, Great Apes, and Iron Chic will find the kinda of heart and PBR-soaked soul in the sounds of NIGHTMARATHONS. You can hear for yourself below!

Shows (Subject To Change):
WEDNESDAY (10/25/17) at The Dirty Shame - 11:50pm -- PRE-FEST
SATURDAY (10/28/17) at Loosey's - 3:00pm -- FEST 16

Next up, we have EARLY RISER from Brooklyn, NY! You may know Kiri Oliver & Heidi Vanderlee as part of the musical guest booking team for THE CHRIS GETHARD SHOW, and having worked with the likes of Mikey Erg! This year, they'll be bringing their catchy folk pop harmonies to FEST 16! Bring your dancing shoes because it's impossible not to MOVE when they start to play! Fans of Katie Ellen, The Homeless Gospel Choir, and Worriers should definitely check out EARLY RISER this year! Check below for a Spotify link to hear some of EARLY RISER's songs!

Shows (Subject To Change):
FRIDAY (10/27/17) at Loosey's - 10:30pm -- FEST 16

FEST SPOTIFY PLAYLIST - Curated by A-F Artists playing at FEST 16!


We’re excited to bring you this collaboration between A-F Records and Tom Morello/Ryan Harvey-run Firebrand Records! It's a split with Swedish punks LYCKA TILL and Professor NORMAN FINKELSTEIN, all dedicated to a free Palestine. The limited-run 7-inch features a new English version of the previously-released song “Gaza” and excerpts from a public talk of Prof. Finkelstein’s.

“I remembered that old 7” split with Bad Religion and Noam Chomsky that came out in the early 90s… and thought that it would be cool to do sort of a follow-up on that,” Lycka Till singer Viktor Andersson says. “To my knowledge the mix between punk rock and academia never really took hold, so we might give it a second shot.”

Grab your copy of the limited vinyl HERE! You can also stream the split via iTunes, and Spotify!


ANTI-FLAG are back with a brand new video for "AMERICAN ATTRACTION" from their forthcoming album 'AMERICAN FALL'! Set to release on November 3rd, AMERICAN FALL marks ANTI-FLAG'S 10th studio album, and trust us, it's a rager! Check out the video below:

Be sure to check in for A LOT more news from ANTI-FLAG in the very near future.

There's no escaping the American Attraction!


The long wait is over, and THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR has released his new album, 'Presents: NORMAL'!

Derek Zanetti a.k.a. THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR has been on a journey ever since the release of his A-F debut, 'I Used To Be So Young' touring non-stop, spreading his message of unity and tolerance within the punk communities and beyond! Known for his intimate live performances, Derek has turned it up a notch with 'Presents: NORMAL' breathing new life into his music with a full-backing band, and even the help of his friends, Frank Iero & Frank Turner! However, with Chris (#2) Barker behind the helm in the studio once again, they've made sure to keep THGC grounded to its roots while keeping the music fresh, and intimate!

Derek will be kicking into full gear this year with MORE non-stop touring, including along the likes of AJJ, Frank Iero, and Dave Hause! Be sure to catch him on the road!

Until then, you can pick up a copy of 'Presents: NORMAL' in the A-F store HERE. But before you get ahead of yourself, be sure to also check out the numerous BUNDLES available that include THGC t-shirts, hoodies, even enamel pins! 'Presents: NORMAL' can also be found to stream via Bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify!