While digging through our 90s time capsule, we came across this gem by THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR. It turns out that while it was thought to be buried all this time, Alanis Morissette came along and took all the credit for it!

But really, we are stoked to partner with NPR Music this week to debut THGC's new music video for "NORMAL", a shot-for-shot remake of Alanis' "Ironic" video!

From NPR:

"Zanetti's been making acoustic-driven protest songs as The Homeless Gospel Choir for a little more than five years; his work stems from a lifelong obsession with punk and the community it fosters. It's in the latter, in particular, that the Pittsburgh songwriter finds inspiration for "Normal," a tease for a new album he's putting out this fall."

Check out the rest of the NPR feature and the video HERE! And be sure to pre-order your copy of the upcoming 'NORMAL' 7-inch record HERE.

NEW MUSIC! WHO DIS? Posted 30 May 2017

Times have been busy at A-F, and we have a TON of new things coming your way!

First up, back with his first effort since 2014's 'I Used To Be So Young', Derek Zanetti aka THE HOMELESS GOSPEL CHOIR is back with a new 7-inch, 'NORMAL' which is an introduction of things to come this year by THGC! The 7-inch is available by itself HERE, or you can opt for the "JOIN THE NORMALS" bundle (limited to 100 people) and score, some exclusive items with your record!

Up next we have a new 7-inch coming in from our old pals in COFFEE PROJECT! 'WASTED LOVE' will be available on 06/16/2017 and picks up their melodies and personal lyrics where they left off with their last release in 2012.

Lastly, we've signed a new band straight outta Pittsburgh! Please help us in welcoming our new friends in LAWN CARE!

The band joins the A-F roster, and are bringing their first full-length, and A-F debut, 'REPLACEMENT THERAPY' with them! The record, which is scheduled for a July 21st release, runs the gamut from emo-influenced punk to 30-second mariachi bangers! Pre-order your copy HERE.

2017 A-F RECORD CLUB Posted 30 May 2017

It's that time of year again to subscribe to this year's A-F Record Club! This year's subscription is limited to 150 people, so make sure to order yours today! Subscribers will have a first look at all A-F releases in the calendar year, including a new ANTI-FLAG full length record, and a SECRET REPRESSING to be announced! Full Details can be found below!

2017 A-F Record Club

What Subscribers Get:
- 6 LPs (including a new Anti-Flag full length)
- 1 specialty record (shaped / custom)
- 3 7-inch records
- Subscribers vote on color variants / help choose artwork / listed in the thank you's of a SUPER SECRET REPRESSING WE'RE WORKING ON
- A-F Records club t-shirt
- Each subscriber receives a TEST PRESSING! All subscribers are guaranteed to receive one!
- Special subscriber exclusive variants limited to SUBSCRIBERS ONLY
- Download all 2017 A-F Records releases early: 1 week BEFORE street date (unless not permitted)
- Be a part of the actual record label process more than ever!


EARLY RISER have a brand new song, "Find Me For The Waltz" streaming over at thegreyestates.com! Vocalist/guitarist, Kiri Oliver, describes the song:

"The song takes place at a show and is about letting go of someone who you built up in your head to be something they’re not, and deciding to have a good time on your own."

Early Riser Streams New Song

You can stream "Find Me For The Waltz" and check out a rad interview with Kiri and Heidi HERE. And while you're at it, don't forget to pre-order your copy of their forthcoming LP 'CURRENTS' in the A-F Online Store!

NEW 'NIGHTMARATHONS' EP -- OUT NOW! Posted 05 May 2017

The new self-titled release from Pittsburgh's, NIGHTMARATHONS, is out today! Boasting influences of early 2000s emo/post punk, the 4-song debut sends the listener on a nostalgia-fueled journey back to the Elks Lodges and KC Halls that sparked the initial flames that continue to burn before you ever heard your first chord ring out!

Limited to 300 copies, A-F Record Club members can expect neon green variants pressed on 7" vinyl records, while the rest of the pressing will arrive in random mystery colors!