Anti-Flag - Keith Caves "blood will have blood" t-shirt (limited artist series) T-Shirts


the third installment of our "artist series" t-shirts comes from Pittsburgh, PA artist Keith Caves and his "Scumball" brand. Limited to ONLY 100 shirts.

Scumball is a brand built around comics and art zines with themes of slime and lowbrow art/humor. It started in late 2014 - early 2015 with the release of 'Mutations', an art/photo/collage zine by Keith Caves. Following 'Mutations' came 'Scumball Comix issue one' along with some shirts and patches. Next to come is 'Scumball Comix issue two' with 30 contributing artists, pre-order going up January 2016.

check out his stuff at
and follow him on instagram: @keithcaves