Anti-Flag - "Live Vol. 2" LP + MP3 AF108

Recorded over the course of 3 special evenings at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, CA, "Live Vol. 2" spans the entire Anti-Flag catalog and catapults you from your headphones straight into the circle pit. Known for their raucous live show, Anti-Flag deliver in kind with this first volume of live tracks.

Vinyl purchase includes a photo insert as well as a digital download via email!

1. The Bright Lights of America (Live)
2. All of the Poison, All of the Pain (Live)
3. Turncoat (Live)
4. Angry Young and Poor (Live)
5. Got the Numbers (Live)
6. Safe Tonight (Live)
7. I'd Tell You but... (Live)
8. That's Youth (Live)
9. The Ranks of the Masses Rising (Live)
10. Spaz's House Destruction Party (Live)
11. This Is the New Sound (Live)
12. Fuck Police Brutality (Live)
13. 1915 (Live)
14. 911 for Peace (Live)
15. Underground Network (Live)

***Vinyl color is random, images are just examples of possible color combinations***

Pressing Information

350 - Clear w/ red swirl
500 - Random color
150 - Teal (2018 Record Club exclusive!)