The Homeless Gospel Choir - "This Land Is Your Landfill" LP + MP3 AF111

The Homeless Gospel Choir, the musical moniker of songwriter Derek Zanetti, has just announced a brand new full-length, This Land Is Your Landfill, due out April 24th from A-F Records / Hassle Records (EU/UK.) Since 2009 the Pittsburgh, PA-based project has mostly been a solo affair, rooted in Zanetti's blend of singer/songwriter intimacy and punk rock delivery, but the release of This Land Is Your Landfill marks a reinvention for The Homeless Gospel Choir. Driven by personal upheaval, Zanetti gathered an all-star cast of punk collaborators to create the kind of ruckus, full-band album that he'd always dreamed of.

***includes INSTANT digital download of "Demos and Shit" - a 31 track b-side compilation of demos, practice recordings, and other wacky and wild stuff.***

1. Global Warming
2. Don't Compare
3. Social Real Estate
4. Art Punk
5. You Never Know
6. Young and in Love
7. Lest We Forget
8. A Dream About The Internet
9. Blind Faith
10. Figure It Out
11. Punk as Fuck

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***Vinyl images are mock-ups and may vary from final product***

Pressing Information

150 - Neon Green (2020 Record Club Exclusive)
200 - Electric Blue / Doublemint pinwheel (THGC TOUR EXCLUSIVE)
200 - Halloween Orange
425 - Electric Blue w/ Doublemint, Easter Yellow, Olive Green, Grey, and Baby Pink Splatter

250 - Mustard Yellow in Coke Bottle Green color-in-color (2nd Pressing)
250 - Baby Pink / Baby Blue 50/50 (2nd Pressing)