These days are not easy for any of us, our ability to help one another and pick each other up is the cornerstone of the punk rock community. With that in mind we are starting this campaign to make sure our crew can survive this moment where their work has been pulled out from under them.

100% of the money that comes in from this campaign will go directly to our crew. Each donation level comes with a surprise digital download from the Anti-Flag catalog as an extra thank you!

We understand that this period of shut down is tough for everyone. Thank you for giving what you can!

Meet the crew:

Marc Code; longest tenured member of the A-F Crew. We first met and toured with Marc in 2003. His band The Code were one of the first releases on A-F Records. Marc sets our stage up at every show, handles the guitars and most likely is the one catching you when you come on stage for your moment of stage dive glory!

Josh Massie; jack of all trades. You’ve probably interacted with Massie more than any A-F crew member. Either behind the merch desk, the light desk, through his photo documentation of our touring (@scatteredpictures87), or through him being the most talented person in our world when it comes to social media. Josh represents everything we want our family to be. Creative, empathetic, and persistent.

Erik Pitluga; Erik came in when Pat Thetic was about to have his baby. We needed someone who could both drum tech for Pat but also be able to play the songs in case we got a call that the baby was coming! Erik has graced many stages, even filling in on guitar for Chris Head when he had his baby last year. Soft spoken, incredible drummer, kind human.

Zach: our driver/stage hand is a world traveler. He rode his bicycle across the country. Now he drives for us and when we are tired he drives us in the middle of the night. Being confident in Zach keeping us safe allows us to rest and get ready for the next show. Zach is also expecting a baby girl so this down time is especially challenging for him.