The Homeless Gospel Choir - "This Is A Protest Song (LIVE)" LP + MP3s AF126

"I was playing a support slot on a big fancy tour with giant production and on a tour bus and catering and all that jazz, and I wanted to document my set using the most rudimentary means possible, my cell phone. I think at the time I just wanted a snapshot of what the songs felt like and sounded like so I made a document that was honest and bare and raw.

I wanted to put this out as a reminder of what it feels like / sounds like to be smashed together in a room and experiencing music together. The mistakes and warts, banter and applause, and everything in between are crucial pieces to what makes live music so special.
March 2020 was the last time I was in a room with my friends experiencing live music, and since then it's the longest I've been without it. I just wanted to put this out as a reminder and a document of a very special time in my life. Thanks for listening." - Derek / THGC

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Pressing Information

180 - splatter - sky blue/white 50/50 with black splatter (2020 Record Club Only)
320 - opaque sky blue (A-F Records color)
125 - opaque turquoise (HGC color) -- Available at TheHomelessGospelChoir.com
125 - opaque light red marble (HGC color) -- Available at TheHomelessGospelChoir.com