Lycka Till / Norman Finkelstein - "Split" 7-inch AF086

We’re excited to bring you this collaboration between A-F Records and Tom Morello/Ryan Harvey-run Firebrand Records! It's is a split with Swedish punks Lycka Till and Professor Norman Finkelstein, all dedicated to a free Palestine. The limited-run 7-inch features a new English version of the previously-released song “Gaza” and excerpts from a public talk of Finkelstein’s.

“I remembered that old 7” split with Bad Religion and Noam Chomsky that came out in the early 90s… and thought that it would be cool to do sort of a follow-up on that,” Lycka Till singer Viktor Andersson says. “To my knowledge the mix between punk rock and academia never really took hold, so we might give it a second shot.”

Pressing Information

300 - Random Color vinyl