Lee Corey Oswald - "Darkness, Together" LP + MP3 AF101

Lee Corey Oswald is an alternative rock band from Portland, Oregon. Originally formed in Scranton, PA in the heart of the NEPA basement scene's salad days, Lee Corey Oswald blend crunchy, seismic riffs and catchy melodies with heartbreaking-ly heavy lyrics to create their own unique take on early Weezer-esque 90's power pop.

Their new album, "Darkness, Together," was produced by Chris (#2) Barker and is due out 10/12/2018 on A-F Records!

***Vinyl images are just mock-ups and do not represent what the records will actually look like***

1. Asbury Waters
2. Neighborhood
3. Ferris Wheel
4. Mistaken
5. You Want To Be Right Or Happy?
6. Desperate
7. Curse Words
8. Free Stuff
9. You'd Be Cooler If You Were Dead
10. Head Over Heels
11. Seussical
12. Darkness, Together (11/20/85)

Pressing Information

500 - Random Colored
350 - Clear with Black Smoke
150 - Translucent Purple (2018 Record Club Only!)