Anti-Flag - "20 Years Of Hell Vol. VI" 7-Inch + MP3

Four years ago, we celebrated 20 years of Anti-Flag with one of our very first subscription series, "20 Years Of Hell"! The subscription included SIX 7-inch records featuring re-recorded, and reimagined songs spanning the band's 20 year career and 2 songs per volume highlighting new bands!

We've done some digging, and have found a handful of those 7-inch vinyl leftover, though not enough to build full collections so we're unleashing the remaining records INDIVIDUALLY! These records are the last of their kind, and each volume was limited to only 500 copies. Only a very very limited amount remain!

Act quickly!

Volume VI Side A:
Anti-Flag - "Close My Eyes"
Anti-Flag - "The Ghosts of Alexandria"

Side B:
Antillectual - "Soundtrack"
Antillectual - "Mother Inferior"

Pressing Information

Each volume's pressing - limited to 500.