Latecomer - "Crash Forward" LP + MP3 AF102

Released: March 1, 2019

Latecomer has been playing way too damn loud in basements and dive bars for almost a decade. “Crash Forward” is the creation of four easily distracted friends drinking an irresponsible amount of beer in Pittsburgh; the result is a ten song collection of 90’s Lookout! Records style pop punk stuffed with vocal harmonies, unabashed Motorhead worship, a dash of Social D, and Elvis dying on the toilet. It took them over two years to have their picture taken together.

Their new full length "Crash Forward" is due out 3/1/2019 on A-F Records.

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1. Do You Walk?
2. Elvis
3. Baseball
4. Ketamine
5. Bummin' Me Out
6. Crash Forward
7. Side Iron Blues
8. All Things Considered
9. Next Year
10. Again
11. Who Ate My Cheese? (Bonus)

***Vinyl images are mock-ups and final products may vary.***

Pressing Information

150 - White
150 - Creamsicle Orange (2018 Record Club Only!)